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Pastovilla is a quaint, elegant Bistro located in the heart of Mumbai, offering a cozy, snug ambience. Our menu was developed with the help of three of India’s most prominent Masterchefs, and includes an eclectic selection of extensive and delectable contemporary Western comfort food & flavoursome Indian dishes.



Wellness Meal

Wellness is absolute holistic way of approaching a healthy lifestyle and when food commensurate with wellness and enhance lifestyle then it becomes a blissful key to limitless joyous life.
Now this key is called “Pastovilla”, The Lifestyle Café” where you can cherish the moment with delectable gourmets out of celebrity chefs’ secret recipes.
“Pastovilla” offers 100% vegetarian food cooked with pure olive oil, butter and ghee to ensure healthy aspects of it. Meal here is an incredible turnout of freshest vegetables and herbaceous flowers edible flowers which helps to keep BMI, cholesterol, cancer risk, calories and heart disease lower. Also continuous practice and research on food is been developed to its utmost extent refined offering as vegan wellness meal and thus “Pastovilla” is placed in the league of contemporary cutting edge food philosophy-“indulgence without compromising palate”


Meticulous curation of our salad menu offers an exact range of popular salads which can be consumed as tiny and main meal. Salads ingredients are full of natural source of fiber, vitamins, minerals which keeps blood pressure, weight lower and increase the appetite and keeps bones stronger.

Salad dressing are prepared in house to make it more fresh, tasty and nutritious and contains no trans-fat.


Our Smiths create most elegant and breathtaking masterpieces like jewellery and design custom cupcakes, truffles, macaroons, glass desserts, 3d cakes, homemade, cold stone and Vegan ice-creams, popsicles, chocolate bars, energy bar.
We also make sugar free, gluten free desserts and invite people to approach with dietary restrictions to get their choice of desserts crafted.

We understand how important your occasions are and we will always stand by you and go out of our way to be flexible, creative and interactive to provide you the to notch customer service you deserve with best possible patisserie experience.




Mr. Mukherjee has worked as a Culinary adviser, consultant chef , food concept writer, food Crafter. Now, he’s a concept developer and molecular gastronomist for Sweetsmith and Pastovilla. He has worked as executive chef in BSH India, Sodexo, Royal Orchid Hotels, Taj Gateway Hotels and many more