Indo-European Cuisine

With our moods changing almost every minute, our cravings fluctuate as well. And if you intend to satisfy those cravings, Pastovilla is the perfect stop for you. Pastovilla provides a wide range of menu that focuses on European Cuisine to a large extent along with many others. The variety of Continental platters served here can surely fulfil your desire for international flavours. The chefs have come up with unique ways to use different herbs and spices which make these dishes even more worth devouring.

“The Continental Breakfast” on the menu which includes sliced fresh fruits, bagels, muffins and beverage of your
choice is an elegant option for a simple and healthy breakfast. A Continental dish called “Mediterranean
Stroganoff” is typically made of broccoli, carrots, mushrooms etc. which is a perfect meal option for someone seeking a break from the usual desi meals. At Pastovilla it is served with turmeric rice and is a quaint avatar of the classic dish. “White Lentil Risotto” is another modified twist on the Italian classic
which is served with grilled Panini. Pastovilla also furnishes a comprehensive menu of continental desserts like Petit fours, Macaroons and other modified versions of classic sweets made in many exciting flavours. The best part about the continental section of our menu is that you get to savour the entire platter at inexpensive rates. So just cave in and satisfy your cravings at Pastovilla, as they say, “Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness”.

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