Indian culture has been widely appreciated due to its vast diversity and goes way back in time. One of the
main aspects that contribute to the Indian culture is its Cuisine. Indian cuisine is rich in herbs & spices and has
a variety of taste which makes it one of the most wholesome foods in the world. It varies not only in flavour but has a unique essence to it that makes it quite distinguishable. As far as Indian food is concerned, it is much more than just curries & gravy (as many western people recognize it as). The chefs at Pastovilla have generated ways to make Indian dishes quirkier yet maintaining absolute authenticity providing you with a fine dining experience. Starting from typical breakfast options that include South Indian as well as North Indian like Idli, Uttapam, Medu Vada with
sambar and chutney or Upma, Puri Bhaji & Stuffed Paratha which gives you just the right start for the day.
Appetizers like Kurkuri Bhindi, Kamal Kakdi Kebab, Pav Bhaji Fondue & Rajma Ki Shammi will definitely make you want to visit again as they give you a taste for Indian appetizers like never before. Main course options for lunch & dinner give you wide range of choices depending on your mood. Varieties of Dal, Biryani and Parathas are enough to make you devour. Our team constantly work towards enhancing the experience of our customers and meeting their
expectations. So, don’t think twice before stepping in as you will not only suffice your tummy but your soul
as well.

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