Pastovilla Cafe


Don’t we all enjoy a place around us that has it all? A place that provides us with the best quality food and hosts an exuberant ambience that creates a homely atmosphere.

Pastovilla focuses on a holistic way of approaching the healthy lifestyle and incorporates it into the kitchens with absolute finesse.

It is a place where you not only enjoy the company of your peers in the best way possible but also where you cherish those moments with the delectable cookery of our chefs. Pastovilla offers 100% vegetarian food cooked with fresh vegetables and fruits ensuring the healthy aspects of it. Our menu contains some of the most wholesome foods and salads with ingredients that are natural sources of fibre, vitamins & minerals. Salad dressings are prepared in house to enhance certain factors like freshness, taste & nutrition. We provide all-day dining that includes a variety of meals; multicuisine meals, Jain food, vegan food and fusion foods.

Along with the food range, we also value the importance of coffee culture and that being so, we have introduced a range of different coffees and types of espressos for you to experience a different taste.

Dining at Pastovilla is more than just food. It is an experience hosted by our warm hospitality. As here, we value the needs of our customers, be it health, diet, occasions or their time with their loved ones. And this indeed makes Pastovilla a Lifestyle Café.


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