What brings most joy with the change of every season is the fresh chain of fruit choices. We enjoy fruits that are available to us throughout the year, however, we can agree on the fact that we eagerly wait for our favourite fruits to come around when the season arrives.

Considering this, Pastovilla has come up with different ways to make you enjoy your favourite fruits and furnishes a wide range of fruity desserts and beverages. We have a range of finely crafted mocktails like Mojito which is prepared with fresh apples/ oranges, Jingle Juice Jar that contains delicious flavours of exotic fruit extracts and chunks topped with soda and our Froot Fonzo Slush which is a blend of pulpy mango and fresh mint, a perfect drink for enjoying a summery drink. The Avocado & Kiwi Smoothie is a unique blend which is topped with fresh fruit and is a must-try for the health-conscious. We also serve a variety of typical fresh fruit juices depending on the season and your choice of course. We also have desserts like Caramel Banana Shooter, Banana Blast & Apple Appeal (both cupcakes) that can satisfy your fruity sugar cravings at once. So why brave the rain this monsoon when you can be binging on these amazing beverages and desserts at the homely space we call “Pastovilla”

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