Your Health is our Priority

Your Health Is Our Priority

You know as they say “Count the memories, not the calories”, we often enjoy our never-ending conversations at a café and binge on our favorite foods. But the experience of trying out new foods and not having to worry about the macros can sometimes be very demanding, especially for the health-conscious.

With this very thought, our brand patrons made an effort to exhibit healthy aspects of some ingredients into our menu, also offering a 100% vegetarian approach to it. Pastovilla runs by the philosophy “Indulgence without compromising palate”, which is a win-win situation for all the foodies and the health-conscious out there.

Starting with the Breakfast Options: Cereals of choice including- Corn Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Muesli, Rice Crispies, etc., they are nutritious & appetizing and can give a fruitful start to your day.

We also render a variety of Salads like: Deconstructed Burger Salad (with lettuce, cherry tomato, ring onion, cucumber, veg patty seasoned and dressed with cocktail sauce), Greek Salad (healthy salad made of diced tomato, cucumber, olives and Feta cheese) and Sprout Salad (homegrown sprouts with lemon, salt and pepper). All the Salad dressings are prepared in-house to make them fresh & nutritious and contain no trans-fat.

We have also added a range of beverages in our menu keeping the healthy aspect in mind like Green Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Avocado & Kiwi Smoothie and a variety of Fresh Fruit Juices.

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle and contribute from our end by preparing meals with quality ingredients, and our research department aims towards bettering our approach. So while dining at Pastovilla, all you need to contemplate about is choosing a dish from a long list of options without actually fretting about cheating your diet.


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