Appetizer’s Delight

A decent main course is no good when served after a course of bad appetizers. Appetizers are the foreplay of meals and set things off to a good or a bad start.

Pastovilla understands the importance of appetizers and hence furnish a meticulous range of options that go with every kind of meal you desire. And the best thing about our menu is that we have experimented with every dish that will not only enhance your dining experience, but will also make you want to come back for more.

We offer two very unique varieties of starters Charcoal Tachos & Charcoal Nachos (infused charcoal filled with beans and grated cheese) that can also be enjoyed as snacks that you can munch while catching up with your buddies. In addition to these, we also have Cilantro Nachos (Coriander infused nachos layered with coriander

cheese sauce, beans, bell pepper and cheese) & House Tachos (Crispy Taco shells filled with beans, grated cheese and served tomato salsa). For tiny bites we have Jalapeno Poppers, Mozzarella Cheese Sticks, Corn Cheese Balls & Mexican Tarts with Refined Beans & Sour Cream.

For perfect appetizers to go with your meals, we have dishes like Oat Crusted Paneer, Sesame Garlic Paneer, Three Chilly Paneer, Honey Chilly Potato etc.

So, drop by and try out these amazing go-to snacks/ appetizers and experience a unique blend of flavours along with many other dishes that lie in store for you.

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