The Story

We are a Leading Multi Cuisine, Trendy, and healthy food Café Chain in India!!

Industry Scope

The F & B Sector in India is extremely evolving in nature. Accounting for approximately 31% of the country’s consumption. Backed Vegetarian fast food constitutes of around 45% of the whole fast food market in India and is expected to grow at 18% CAGR by 2020.

Mandalas Impresa

MI Group is a global conglomerate that has taken the F & B industry by storm. MI Group already has a slew of International Concepts In every form including representation, tie-ups and associations under its belt.
The MI Group has proven itself a force to be reckoned with F & B Industry. Helmed by Serial Entrepreneur Mr.Ankur Chaturvedi, THE MI Group is handled by highly instrumental team. The Group has grown with over 4 brands under its umbrella.

Who’s & Who’s Backing MI Group

The MI Group is in association with Celebrity Chef Ajay Chopra & Chef Gautam Mehrishi to bring on the new culture and clean eating habits to our patron gust. When it comes to Celebrity Chef from F & B Industry and iconic public figure, you’re never too far away from the elite and the glamorous lifestyle.

Chef Debabrata Mukerjee the brand conceptualizer, has worked as a Culinary advisor Consultant, Chef, food Content Writer, food crafter. Now he is conept developer and molecular gastronomist for Pastovilla and Sweitsmith.

Amid with a deep insightful study of the market, Mr.Ankur Chaturvedi decided to put his business acumen into powering other business out of the Finance Management sector. And with a vivid array of brands under the belt, MI Group came into existence.

We are not looking for investors. We are looking for people who are like minded self-starter & have that entrepreneurial attitude as a go getter.

Mandalas Impresa Retail Pvt. Ltd., (MIRPL) has brought in new thought process towards the Franchisee Business. The Franchisee outlet owners take franchisee post detailed study on the brand and develop trust in the brand before going for the brand. This trust shown by the franchisee partner its is very important for the brands. Considering the trust and ownership that’s shown by the franchisee partners in the brand and are part of the success story of the brand, MIRPL will be listing their franchisee partners as ‘Business Associates’ who will be stand shoulder to shoulder with the company and will jointly move with MIRPL in achiving the vision and mission of the company.

While we will be using word Franchisee for the reference purpose as this business model is been using the word franchisee for years but for our company…. Franchisee Owners are our company’s / Brand/s Business Associates.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

What Business Model is available ?

MIRPL is presently offering 3 Business models as follows :
Regelia: This is premium Café outlet with starting 1000 sq ft place having wide menu offerings
Expresso: This model is Medium size which may be with or without eating house facility. Menu offerings will be less and in take away form.
Kiosk: This model is smaller in size which will have take away facility. Menu will have more of dry dishes to offer.

How much does the Franchise fees cost?

Regalia: Franchise fee for opening Regalia Cafe is INR 12 Lacs
Expresso: Franchise fee for opening Expresso Café is INR 6 lacs
Kiosk: Franchise fee for opening Kiosk Cafe is INR 3 lacs

What support will Franchise gets from Franchisor under the Franchisee arrangement?

Business Development
Strong ongoing Brand Support, site Selection, negotiations with landowner on along with Franchisee, negotiations with Malls /Super markets, other channels of business for franchisee. Formation of legal entity and other statutory requirements to run F&B business under the new entity. Ongoing Business Consultation.

Theme based outlet designing, outlet construction, coordinating with contractors and architects, monitoring of work in progress, outlet completion certificate. This will include kitchen designing and set-up along with kitchen equipment’s and accessories. Installation & Maintenance Support provided by the Brand. Guidance for availing required Licenses will also be provided.

Branding & Marketing Support
Store Branding, offers & discounts designing. Marketing, Advertising & Promotion Support – Digital & Traditional. Promotions, new product launches, advertisements, new outlet launch campaigns & local marketing. Event Management Booking, Promotion &Infrastructural Support.

Operational Support
Professionally trained operations team, guide franchisees in their business, troubleshooting, instrumental in rapid growth of franchisee business. Provide Brand approved Menu & Recipe, Set-up Service standards, Rollout SOPs and SLA’s for smooth operations.

IT Support
Hardware and software support, software operation training, slas alaysis, promotional analysis. Implementation of Bills and Accounting software.

Pan India, strong supply chain network, provides availability of products / stocks.

All operational procedure are imparted to all crew members and franchisees, ongoing brand and product training provided by company, field training from time to time, new product launch training, training audits are regularly done. Training is covered for Chefs and Service Staff. Special trainings will be given for Customer Service Support.

MIS & Reporting Support
Provide guidance on P&L management ratios, Inventory Management, costing, wastage and other important aspects of F&B industry to be considered while running a Café. Implementation of MIS control and Business Performance Report.

Franchisee Support
A dedicated franchise team will be available for franchisee for their support. Regular review meetings will be held to monitor franchisee outlet business progress and timely resolution of challenges if any.

What is the store size required?

Regalia: Minimum store size for opening Café under this category is 1000 sq. ft. carpet.
Expresso: Minimum store size for opening Café under this category is 300 sq. ft carpet
Kiosk: Minimum store size for opening Café under this category is 150 sq. ft carpet

How much is the Royalty fee?

Royalty fee is 10% of your gross sales and is paid monthly. This fee entitles you to use our Brand Service mark, Marketing assistance, Ongoing business development and consulting and other benefits that come with being a Pasovilla Cafe Franchise.

Can I have a Master Franchise for an exclusive territory?

Pastovilla Cafe assigns an exclusive territory for Master Franchise for a minimum of 5-7 stores in same territory depending on the territory.

Is training provided to the Franchise?

Periodic training is been provided by PastovillaCafé team.

What is the term of the Franchise Agreement?

The term of Franchise Agreement is for 5 years.

What is the total investment to open a store?

Regelia: To open a store under this category requirement is of around 65 to 70 Lacs. (excluding franchise cost)
Expresso: To open a store under this category requirement is of around 20 to 25 Lacs. (excluding franchise cost)
Kiosk: To open a store under this category requirement is of around 10 to 15 Lacs. (excluding franchise cost)

Way Forward To Become Business Associate Of Pastovilla